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School of Business

As a graduate of an AACSB International accredited university, you are assured of a concentrated and diversified curriculum taught by highly qualified faculty. Accredited schools also provide access to the best job placement opportunities upon graduation.
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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The arts and sciences disciplines are the foundations of academic tradition and represent both the substance and process of the higher education curriculum. They equip the student with vital links to the past and future, with the skills and insights necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing society, and with the learning essential to effective citizenship.
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School of Library and Information Management

Founded in 1902, the School of Library and Information Management, better known as SLIM, is the only school accredited by the American Library Association in a twelve state area. Tradition and innovation form the foundation of a friendly and supportive learning environment with a reputation for graduating outstanding library leaders and information professionals.
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The Teachers College

Professional programs are carefully designed to reflect the current knowledge base, including existing and envisioned practices in constituent institutions and clearly delineated models. Curricular coherence is strengthened through faculty study and dialogue on purpose, course content, and intended student-learning outcomes.
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