150 Ways to Give Back as an ESU Alum

Stay Informed!

  1. Update your alumni record
  2. Read Spotlight magazine (and send in your news!)
  3. Sign up to receive the Hornet News Update e-mail newsletter (see form on right)
  4. Frequent www.emporia.edu (or m.emporia.edu on your mobile device!)
  5. Check out your major department’s webpage for the latest news
  6. View ESU videos on the university’s YouTube page
  7. View ESU pictures on the university’s Flickr page
  8. “Like” Emporia State University on Facebook
  9. “Friend” the Emporia State Sauder Center on Facebook
  10. “Like” the ESU Alumni Association on Facebook

Take Advantage of Alumni Benefits!

Enjoy two complimentary Spotlight magazines each year

  1. Contact ESU’s Career Services department to help you find professional work
  2. Take advantage of your 10% discount at the ESU Bookstore (save 20% on Homecoming!)
  3. Travel with Please Go Away! Vacations or Go Next (and don’t forget to pack your ESU gear for the trip!)
  4. Take advantage of your alumni discount at the campus recreation center
  5. Become a member of the Emporia State Federal Credit Union
  6. Get a quote from Liberty Mutual on your auto/home insurance
  7. Get a quote from Marsh for your other insurance needs
  8. Apply for a Corky Credit Card

Get Connected!

  1. Attend Homecoming
  2. Attend a regional chapter event
  3. Join the Emporia State University Alumni group on Linked-In
  4. Play (or attend!) the South Central Scholarship Golf Tournament
  5. Play (or attend!) the Kansas City Area Scholarship Golf Tournament
  6. Host some alumni for dinner in your home
  7. Treat a student who shares your major to dinner
  8. Call an alum andreconnect
  9. Attend a group reunion
  10. Visit with a past professor
  11. Stop by the Sauder Alumni Center and say “Hi!”
  12. Attend ESU’s “Senior” Prom (or sponsor it!)
  13. Attend Hornet Night in Topeka, Kansas City, and/or Wichita
  14. Purchase an Alumni Directory
  15. Send a thank you note to an educator who graduated from ESU
  16. Send a thank you note to a former professor
  17. Attend a National Teacher Hall of Fame ceremony
  18. Visit the National Teacher Hall of Fame
  19. Visit the Kansas Business Hall of Fame
  20. Visit the One-Room Schoolhouse
  21. Visit the Peterson Planetarium
  22. Visit the Johnston Geology Museum
  23. Visit the Richard Schmidt Natural History Museum
  24. Visit White Library’s Special Collections
  25. Tour the renovated Memorial Union
  26. Dine in the Hornets Nest
  27. Have lunch at Skyline
  28. Share a memory of your time at ESU
  29. Enjoy some coffee at the William Allen White Library
  30. Take a walk on Wooster Bridge
  31. Have your family pictures taken on campus.  We have several beautiful backdrops!
  32. Browse and buy at the annual Glass Guild sale of student artwork
  33. Invite some friends to lunch in the renovated Skyline Room
  34. Stop by the Hornet Express for a Zeppz gourmet sandwich, an Ochorito burrito, or a smoothie
  35. Host a coffee discussion group with (international) students (try Buzzcotti on campus!)
  36. Host a party for students on holidays such as Halloween
  37. Visit the Eppink Gallery or Gilson Room to see an art exhibit
  38. Nominate an alum for a the Distinguished Alumni Award
  39. Nominate an alum for a the University Service Citation Award
  40. Nominate a family for the Hornet Heritage Award

Promote Your Alma Mater!

  1. Encourage a family member to attend ESU
  2. Refer A Hornet – RAH
  3. Wear Black and Gold on Fridays (and every other day!)
  4. Host your special event in the ESU Memorial Union
  5. Share a news story about an ESU Alum
  6. Purchase all your gear at the ESU Memorial Union Bookstore (and receive a discount with your alumni card!)
  7. Share ESU Facebook account statuses
  8. Retweet ESU Twitter account updates
  9. Forward ESU event emails to all your ESU friends
  10. Download ESU/Corky screensaver for your computer
  11. Use ESU return address labels
  12. Place etched ESU rocks on your porch, in your yard, or alongside your driveway
  13. Post a banner/flag at your home, office, or in your classroom
  14. Golf with ESU golf balls
  15. Play Ping-Pong with ESU Ping-Pong balls
  16. Display an ESU bumper sticker on your car
  17. Display an ESU cling on your car
  18. Use an ESU key ring
  19. Use an ESU koozie to keep your drinks cold
  20. Sport an ESU necktie
  21. Wear a Corky lapel pin
  22. Wear your ESU alumni lapel pin
  23. Place an ESU Christmas ornament on your tree
  24. Dress your baby in an ESU onesie
  25. Keep warm with an ESU throw blanket
  26. Keep track of time with your ESU clock
  27. Sport an ESU hat
  28. Wear an ESU biking jersey while riding
  29. Purchase pottery at the Pottery with Pizzaz store
  30. Hire a Hornet for a part-time job or for the summer
  31. Each time you drive by the campus on I-35 and cannot stop in, toot your horn
  32. Consider an ESU-themed Halloween costume– Corky, Cheer/Yell Leader, Athlete, Martha the Ghost, etc.
  33. Produce an “I Love ESU” video and upload it on YouTube (send us the link!)
  34. Use Corky or ESU coasters in your home or office
  35. Become a leader in your field/professional organization and community. Let you success reflect on ESU!
  36. Download an ESU ringtone.  Fight song, anyone?
  37. Fly an ESU flag at your home
  38. Place a Corky or Power E tag on the front of your car
  39. Wear a signature ESU alumni ring

Support Hornet Athletics and Activities!

  1. Attend an athletic activity (so many to choose from: football, basketball, soccer, tennis, softball, baseball, track/cross country, and volleyball!)
  2. Attend the annual Homecoming Musical
  3. Attend an ESU music performance
  4. Attend an ESU theatre summer production
  5. Attend an ESU lecture series (Bonner and Bonner, Hayes, Pflaum, and Boertman)
  6. Eat at Watering Hole before all home ESU football games
  7. Become a season ticket holder
  8. Host an ESU watch party
  9. Participate in the ESU Athletic Golf Tournament
  10. Tour the Athletic Hall of Honor
  11. Attend the Football Traditions Event
  12. Attend the annual Glass Guild Blowout
  13. Join the Emporia Theatre Guild
  14. Become an ESU Summer Theatre Angel
  15. Become an ESU Golden Patron
  16. Attend the music department’s Annual Gala Benefit Concert and auction
  17. Visit the ESU Athletics Museum, located at Poehler Mercantile Antique Mall in Emporia, KS (and say “hey” to Coach Slay while you’re there!)


  1. Volunteer at ESU’s State Fair Booth
  2. Volunteer to help with a Teacher Appreciation Program
  3. Help plan a scholarship golf tournament
  4. Become a Hornet for Higher Ed
  5. Help plan a group reunion
  6. Speak to students about your profession
  7. Volunteer at ESU Day Under the Dome
  8. START volunteer
  9. Serve as an advisor for your fraternity/sorority
  10. Serve as an advisor for a campus student organization
  11. Volunteer as a "Hornet Helper” on move-in day
  12. Participate in the Hornet Telethon
  13. Organize and host a field trip for students
  14. Shuttle international students (and others who don't drive) on shopping trips
  15. Organize shuttle service to airport for students during holidays
  16. Assist students and provide care packages during finals week
  17. Serve on a chapter/regional event planning committee
  18. Serve on the Foundation Trustees board
  19. Serve on the Alumni Board of Directors

Invest in your Alma Mater Through Giving!

  1. Name ESU as a beneficiary of your estate
  2. Make a gift in honor/memory of someone
  3. Donate to the annual fund
  4. Purchase an ESU Signature Series Brick
  5. Purchase a Corky License Plate for your car
  6. Participate in the annual ESU Scholarship Run/Walk
  7. Donate to an existing scholarship fund (over 900 to choose from!)
  8. Create a new scholarship or departmental fund
  9. Remember ESU by giving a gift on your birthday/anniversary
  10. Contribute to your sorority’s/fraternity’s scholarship fund
  11. Contribute to an undergraduate club’s scholarship fund
  12. Contribute to a scholarship from your major
  13. Participate in the  annual ESU Facilities & Classified Assembly Scholarship Drive
  14. Name a room or space in a campus buildings
  15. Name an ESU building