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Art Education Student Assessment

Art education major students are assessed each fall semester utilizing the criteria listed below.  Faculty will be informed of the art education major student list by the department Chair after mid-term examinations during the fall semester.  Faculty members who have had the student in classes during either the prior spring semester or current fall semester have the option to complete this form.

Students receiving concerns as stated on these forms will be asked to meet individually with faculty members of the Art Education Committee at the beginning of the following semester.  During the meeting, each student will be informed of the concerns and will be given an opportunity to respond.

Faculty members will be asked to reassess these students during the same spring semester.  Early in the subsequent semester, these students will again be asked to meet with the Art Education Committee to review progress.

In addition to this annual assessment process, each art education student will be formally evaluated by members of the Art Education Committee prior to admission to both Phase I and Phase II of the Teacher Education Program.  Art Education Committee members, along with the Chair of the Department of Art, with input from all of the art faculty, will make the final decision regarding admission to both phases.

Art education teaching candidates will be assessed on the following:

Knowledge of Subject Matter

Written Communication

Oral Communication

Promptness, Dependability


Courtesy, Respect, Honesty



Receptiveness to Feedback

Personal Interaction

Mid-Program Portfolio Review

The successful completion of AR 098: Mid-Program Portfolio Review is required of all BSE, BFA, BS and BA majors.  The purpose of the review is to evaluate the student's progress and to afford an opportunity for the student to reflect on his/her knowledge acquisition and artistic development.

BFA, BSE, BS and BA majors will be enrolled in AR 098: Mid-Program Portfolio Review the semester following successful completion (grade C or higher) of 18 credit hours (6 courses) of studio art at Emporia State University.  Transfer students will be enrolled in AR 098: Mid-Program Portfolio Review the semester following completion of 12 credit hours (4 courses) of studio art accepted towards degree requirements from a prior institution.  The Mid-Program Portfolio Reviews are generally held at the beginning of the second block of each semester.

Requirements, Recommendations, and Expectations

Students should bring 15-20 works to be presented at the review.

It is recommended that the student bring 3-4 representative examples from each studio course completed.  Work from the foundations courses (i.e.,  AR101: Basic Drawing, AR102: Two-Dimensional Design, and AR103: Three-Dimensional Design) must be presented.

In the case of work that is not portable or physically manifested (e.g., video, performance, installation), it is acceptable to present digital images.  Unless the circumstances are exceptional, however, the student is expected to bring actual works to the review.

Each student must schedule a meeting with the members of the Mid-Program Portfolio Review Committee for a preliminary portfolio review (photographs are acceptable for this preliminary review).

Each review is scheduled for 30 minutes.  The first 15 minutes will consist of a narrative presentation by the student of his/her work.  The second half of the review is reserved for a discussion and question-and-answer session.  The student should be prepared for questions from the faculty at any time during his/her presentation.

During the review, the faculty will make written comments, which will be made available to the student in a synthesized form through a summary evaluation letter from the Mid-Program Portfolio Committee.  The student should expect to receive this letter within one month of completing his/her review.

The student must complete a self-evaluation form as part of the Mid-Program Portfolio Review process.  This form will be given to the student immediately after the conclusion of his/her 30-minute session.

The student should be prepared to discuss the nature of individual assignments, goals achieved, specific formal concerns, and skills acquired for each work presented.

The student should be prepared to address the ways in which knowledge of particular historical and/or contemporary art movements, styles, and the work of individual artists and ideas, have affected the student's approach to his/her own work and its content.

As part of the Mid-Program Portfolio Review presentation, the student should reflect how completing coursework assignments has helped him/her begin to identify and clarify an aesthetic vision or position.  The student should address the specific ways in which s/he might implement the knowledge and skills acquired through coursework in future artistic projects, art education, art therapy, or towards the realization of professional goals.

Successful completion of AR 098: Mid-Program Portfolio Review will be based on an evaluation of both the quality of work shown as well as the quality of the verbal presentation.  AR 098: Mid-Program Portfolio Review is Pass/Fail.

The student is urged to complete SP 101: Public Speaking prior to his/her presentation.

Other Tools Used in the Department of Art for Feedback and Improvement

Student Evaluation of each course

Student surveys

Senior exit interviews

Student Advisory Board (See details in this handbook)

Campus Assessments

All Art Education Majors (B.S.E.) must complete the P.P.S.T. before Phase I.  All other students must complete the C.A.A.P. test before graduating (See Contact Information for Website).