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Refund Policies

Non-Military Refund Policy
Military Service Refund
Maryland Refund Policy
Financial Aid Tuition Refunds and Return of Title IV Funds
Withdrawal from the University
Collection Policy
Petition for Tuition/Fee Adjustment

Non-Military Refund Policy:

Refunds for students are based on the following:

      Withdrawal Date During Fall/Spring Semester            Refund Percentage
1st class day through 10th class day 100%
11th class day through end of semester None

For short term classes taught in less than the regular semester, the 100% refund period will follow the policy on dropping a class.  The official drop period shall be determined by the Registrar's Office.  For dates of refunds the term and/or part of term classes, you may contact Cashiering Services.  Refunds of $1 or less may not be refunded.  If enrolled for a subsequent semester, the amount may be applied.

Military Refund Policy

Students serving in the Military Services who are called to active duty during an academic term are entitled to receive a full refund for tuition and fees. Students who are drafted and must report for active duty during an academic term are entitled to receive a full refund of tuition and fees. All refunds are subject to presentation of official documentation. Students who volunteer for military service will be subject to the University’s non-military refund policy. Room and board charges will be prorated to the extent that services have been provided.

Please contact the Office of Veteran Services (620-341-5457) for additional information.

Maryland Refund Policy

For students residing in Maryland, Emporia State University shall provide a refund based upon the annotated code for the state of Maryland.

Financial Aid Tuition Refunds and Return of Title IV Funds

Tuition refunds may require repayments to Emporia State University or Federal Financial Aid Programs based upon financial aid requirements. When a student receives financial aid, it is with the understanding that the student remains in school for the entire semester.  If the student withdraws prior to the end of the semester, s/he may have to pay tuition, fees and housing charges from personal funds.

It is imperative that the student understands the financial obligation prior to withdrawing from Emporia State University.  Any student considering withdrawing should contact the Financial Aid Office in Plumb Hall.

Return of Title IV Funds

Any student who receives Title IV funds and withdraws from all classes during the first 60% of an academic period is subject to Return of Title IV calculations.

ESU is required to perform “Return of Title IV Funds” calculation to determine the amount of federal funds that must be returned to the federal programs.

Any refund resulting from a student’s withdrawal from all classes will be allocated first to federal funds that must be returned.

ESU must return funds to federal programs based on the unearned portion of financial aid.

The student is responsible for paying ESU for the amount of the unearned portion of financial aid returned to federal programs.

The student may also have to return funds directly to the federal program.

This information will be reported to the U.S. Department of Education, as well as any other college to which a student may subsequently apply.

A student cannot return to ESU as a student or obtain an academic transcript until all University charges are paid.

Withdrawal from the University


If the student wishes to withdraw from all courses, he/she should contact the Office of the Registrar for information either in person, 108 Plumb Hall, or by phone, 620-341-5211.


Please contact our Cashier office staff to verify and inquire about any possible changes to your student accounts status.     email:   phone:620-341-5135

Withholding of Student Records

When necessary, the University may withhold the academic records of students for the nonpayment of tuition and fees, loans, other charges, and for failure to return University property.

Collection Policy

A student’s records may be held and/or permission to re-enroll denied for failure to pay any indebtedness or return any property to the University. Students may be required to pay collection agency and attorney fees and all other charges necessary for the collection of any amount not paid when due.

Petition for Tuition/Fee Adjustment

An appeal for tuition/fee adjustment and all pertinent written documentation must be submitted in writing within 25 calendar days of notification of assessment, adjustment, refund or event.

Minimally, each written appeal must be dated and include the student name, address and phone number, ESU ID, signature of the student, statement describing specifically what is being requested and for what term, statement of any extenuating circumstances, and why the request should be honored. The student must utilize the Petition for Tuition/Fee Adjustment Form to facilitate providing all necessary information.

Additional information regarding the Refund/Adjustment of Student Charges for Tuition and Fees can be found under 4I.05 in the University Policy Manual at


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NOTE: The University reserves the right to correct clerical errors.