Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

ESU students now have the opportunity to earn a B.S. degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) . The BMB is an interdisciplinary major, co-administered by the departments of Physical Sciences and Biological Sciences . The interdisciplinary character of the major reflects the nature of the discipline. The interface between chemistry and biology is a frontier in which its practitioners aim to describe the chemical principles underlying life processes. The BMB major will allow students to study in detail the molecules of life, culminating in a detailed understanding of biomolecular structure and function in the context of how they ultimately contribute to the life of the cell and the organism. Students will also learn modern methods of biochemical analysis, including bioinformatics.

The curriculum is rigorous. The 30+ hours of chemistry include organic and physical chemistry. Biology requirements include cell biology, as well as classical and molecular genetics. The curriculum also involves two semesters of physics and a semester of calculus. BMB majors will also carry out original research under the tutelage of a chemistry or biology faculty member, and will present the results of that research at a departmental seminar.

With the rigor, however, comes the reward! This interface between chemistry and biology - the understanding of life processes at the chemical (molecular) level - is one of the most exciting and rapidly-developing areas of science! Imagine yourself

•  elucidating the secrets of the human genome

•  developing new therapeutic strategies for disease treatment

•  determining how environmental factors affect human health

•  exploring new ways to effectively fight bioterrorism

•  improving crop production and agricultural disease resistance

•  investigating the biological implications of long-term human space exploration

•  solving mysteries utilizing forensic analysis

Students who graduate with this degree will have developed the skills necessary for graduate study in biochemistry, molecular biology, or biotechnology, or for employment in the private or public sector in biotechnology-related fields. The American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has published a pamphlet that nicely describes many of the various options available to students who have mastered this discipline. The major also provides exceptional preparation for health-related professional programs such as medical school.

View the BMB requirements and a sample 4-year schedule.

View a PDF file of the BMB brochure .

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