Concentration in CHEMISTRY or

The MS concentration in chemistry is designed to prepare graduates for employment in industrial or governmental sectors, for continued graduate work at the doctoral level, or for teaching.  Program variations may be tailored to emphasize biochemistry/biotechnology, environmental chemistry or chemistry education in addition to a more traditional chemistry curriculum.

Admission Requirements

Accepted applicants must have completed a bachelor’s degree (BA or BS) from an accredited college or university with a major in chemistry or closely related field.  If an applicant does not have a major in chemistry, then course work equivalent to six lecture courses and four laboratory courses in chemistry are expected.  Exceptions will be considered on an individual basis, and applicants may be admitted on a provisional status.

QualifyingExaminations Requirement

Qualifying examinations will be scheduled during the first five class days of the semester.  Each student must pass a qualifying examination in two of the four following principal areas of chemistry:  biochemical, inorganic, organic or physical chemistry; see Core Requirements for analytical chemistry.  Students will have two opportunities to pass each area examination.  If an examination is failed twice, the requirement must be satisfied by completing the department’s designated course work in the appropriate area with a minimum grade of “B “.

If an examination is failed on the first attempt and the designated substitute course is offered that semester, the student may elect to waive a second attempt to pass the examination and satisfy the requirement by completing the designated course with a minimum grade of “B-”.  Any course(s) taken to satisfy qualifying examination requirements will not count toward the hours required for the MS degree.  Meeting the Qualifying Examinations Requirement, either by passing the examination or completion of the designated substitute course, will make the student eligible for degree-candidacy status.  The courses designated to substitute for Qualifying Examinations are the following:

           CH 500 Topics in Chemistry:  Survey of Organic Chemistry     3 hrs

           CH 525 Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry                                       3 hrs

           CH 560 Fundamentals of Biochemistry                                         3 hrs

           CH 620 Elements of Physical Chemistry                                        3 hrs

           Course substitutions may be considered by the chemistry faculty in individual cases.

Degree Requirements

Per University Graduate School guidelines, a student must earn a cumulative 3.0 grade point average in all courses used for the degree.  A minimum of 60 percent of the credit hours must be in courses numbered 700 or higher.  For complete degree requirements consult the current graduate policies at

Two degree options are available.  Thethesis option requires a minimum of 30 credit hours and the report option requires a minimum of 32 credit hours.  The Core Requirements are the same for both options. Due to prerequisites that may not have been met with courses in a student’s background, more than 30 or 32 hours may be required.

A student is expected to select her/his research advisor no later than the end of her/his first semester.  The committee should be selected by mid-term of the second semester.  Prior to graduation a student will submit a satisfactory written thesis or report and make a public oral presentation and defense of the thesis or report.

Core Requirements (total of 8 hours)

CH 728 Chemical Literature                                                                                                   2 hrs

(This course serves as the departmental orientation course and should be taken during the first semester.)

CH 730 Chemistry Seminar (first 2 semesters as graduate student, 1 hr/semester)                2 hrs

CH 676 Analytical Chemistry                                                                                                 4 hrs

(If the student’s record includes successful completion of an undergraduate course in quantitative analysis, including laboratory, and the student passes the departmental Analytical Chemistry Qualifying Examination, the student will be awarded passing credit on the transcript for CH 676.)

Thesis option  ........................................................................................................ Total of 30 hours

Core requirements (described above)                                                                          8 hrs

Research                                                                                                                      8 hrs

CH 829 Graduate Research (3-5 hrs)

CH 875 Thesis M.S. (3-5 hrs)

Chemistry electives (see below)                                                                             8-14 hrs

Cognate electives                                                                                                     0-6 hrs

Report option  ........................................................................................................ Total of 32 hours

Core requirements (described above)                                                                          8 hrs

Research                                                                                                                      6 hrs

CH 829 Graduate Research (6 hrs)

Chemistry electives (see below)                                                                           12-18 hrs

Cognate electives                                                                                                     0-6 hrs

Chemistry electives

CH 500 Topics in Chemistry (* except Survey of Organic)                        1-5 hrs

CH 506 Environmental Chemistry                                                              3-4 hrs

CH 508 Industrial Chemistry                                                                      1-3 hrs

CH 578 Water Analysis                                                                                  3 hrs

CH 627 Intermediate Chemistry                                                                     3 hrs

CH 660 Biochemistry I                                                                                   3 hrs

CH 661 Laboratory Methods in Biochemistry                                               2 hrs

CH 662 Biochemistry II                                                                                 3 hrs

CH 700 Advanced Topics in Chemistry(*)                                                 1-5 hrs

CH 720 Physical Chemistry I                                                                         3 hrs

CH 721 Physical Chemistry Laboratory                                                         2 hrs

CH 722 Physical Chemistry II                                                                        3 hrs

CH 723 Advanced Physical Chemistry Laboratory                                       2 hrs

CH 724 Topics in Physical Chemistry: (*)                                                      3 hrs

CH 725 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry                                                        3 hrs

CH 726 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory                                  1-3 hrs

CH 745 Nuclear Techniques                                                                           4 hrs

CH 760 Nucleic Acids Biochemistry                                                              3 hrs

CH 765 Advanced Biotechnology Laboratory                                               4 hrs

CH 772 Topics in Organic Chemistry: (*)                                                   1-3 hrs

CH 773 Qualitative Organic Analysis                                                            3 hrs

CH 776 Topics in Biochemistry: (*)                                                            1-3 hrs

CH 777 Instrumental Methods of Analysis                                                    5 hrs

CH 778 Topics in Analytical Chemistry: (*)                                               1-3 hrs

CH 801 Trends in High School Chemistry Curricula                                     3 hrs

CH 802 Modern Developments in Chemistry                                                3 hrs

CH 826 Topics in Inorganic Chemistry: (*)                                                 1-3 hrs

CH 871 Topics in Advanced Physical Chemistry                                       1-3 hrs

*The topic in a given semester will be announced in the enrollment schedule. The courses may be repeated for credit when different topics are offered.

Other chemistry courses may be considered for inclusion in a student’s program on an individual case basis.

Cognate Electives

Up to 6 hours of cognate courses (numbered 500 and above) relevant to a student’s educational goals may be included in the MS degree plan.  Such courses may be selected from those offered in earth science, geology, physics, physical science, biological sciences, mathematics, computer science, education, or other disciplines.  The selection of Cognate Electives must be approved by the student’s academic advisor prior to enrollment in the cognate course.


For information about financial support contact Dr. Eric Trump.

Graduate School application can be done on line.  International students must apply through the Office of International Education.