The Composition Program

Welcome! The Composition Program at ESU is designed to help you build a bridge between high school and college standards for writing. Composition I and II are part of the General Education program at ESU. Working from the belief that writing improves with practice, our composition courses emphasize practicing rhetorical strategies (especially recognizing the rhetorical situation of a text and writing for academic purposes and genres), finding and evaluating sources and implementing those into one's own writing, and applying the fundamentals of Standard Edited American English. Students who successfully complete Composition I and Composition II are better prepared to write for a variety of purposes and contexts, including  academically and professionally. Academic writing knowledge and skills translate across all disciplines within the university as well as the professional world.

Composition Program Mission Statement

Fostering a rhetorical foundation for student success.

Composition Program Vision Statement

Preparing ESU students for a lifetime of learning and success through the development of transferable skills in critical writing, reading, and thinking.