Minor and Second Teaching Field in Journalism


The Department of English, Modern Languages and Journalism offers two programs in journalism: the journalism minor for students interested in careers in journalism or a related field, and the journalism second teaching field for education students seeking certification to teach journalism in Kansas secondary schools.

Students interested in careers in journalism or related fields may take cooperative education courses to earn academic credit and be paid for field experience in print journalism. They may also gain practical experience working on The Bulletin, the campus newspaper, or the Sunflower, the ESU yearbook.


Journalism Minor (24 Hours):

Required Courses (18 Hours)

JO 301 News Reporting (3 hours)
JO 302 Advanced Reporting (3 hours)
JO 305 Publication Design (3 hours)
JO 501 Law & Ethics of Journalism (3 hours)
JO 502 Editing (3 hours)
JO 503 History & Principles of Journalism (3 hours)

The remaining 6 hours required for the minor may be courses in journalism or, with special permission, other areas of study.


Contact: Max McCoy, associate professor of journalism, mmccoy2@emporia.edu