Awarded Financial Aid

Because students are now able to complete the FAFSA beginning October 1, there is a larger window of time where a student could potentially be awarded for one aid year sooner than the other.  To help you know which aid year is ready for you, please review the information below on where to find which aid year you have been awarded.

New Students

When you are first awarded financial aid for an aid year and are a new student, you will receive a postcard sent to your mailing address which looks like the following and has the aid year for which you have been awarded above your name:

Continuing Students

If you are a continuing student, you will receive an email with the subject line "You have been awarded for (aid year)!"

Select the Correct Aid Year

Please select the aid year indicated on either your postcard or revision email to ensure you are reviewing the correct aid year.

(For summer 2019 through spring 2020)