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Emporia State University Foundation

Note to reader: This strategic action plan is aligned with Emporia State University’s 2015-2025 Strategic Plan, The Adaptive University, and the Emporia State University Alumni Association’s  Strategic Action Plan.


Emporia State University

Changing lives for the common good

Emporia State University Foundation

Inspiring philanthropy to change lives at Emporia State University.

Emporia State University Alumni Association

Inspiring engagement to change lives for the common good.


Emporia State University

Preparing students for lifelong learning, rewarding careers, and adaptive leadership.

Emporia State University Foundation

Raising and managing philanthropic resources to advance the mission of Emporia State University.

Emporia State University Alumni Association

Building relationships for Emporia State University – today and tomorrow.


Emporia State University

The university has four core values: excellence, respect, responsibility, and service.

With excellence, the university values intellectual challenges, problem solving, and creative and critical thinking.

With respect, the university values integrity, collaboration, diversity, freedom of thought, freedom of inquiry, and freedom of expression.

With responsibility, the university values accountability and stewardship of the institution, the environment, human resources, and personal well-being.

With service, the university values engagement in leadership and community that positively impacts our global society.

Emporia State University Foundation

Partnering with the Emporia State University community, we embrace the university’s values of excellence, respect, responsibility and service, and further define our philanthropic purpose with these action-oriented values: Visionary, Inspirational, Adaptive, Trustworthy, Grateful, and Relational.

Emporia State University Alumni Association

As we seek to engage Emporia State University constituents by connecting, serving, and supporting the University, we embrace the University’s values of excellence, respect, responsibility and service.


GOAL 1: Pursue distinctive initiatives in curricula and programs that will foster vibrant communities.

GOAL 2: Enrich the student experience with opportunities for leadership development and practice.

GOAL 3: Enhance the competitive role of Kansas by achieving the State’s goals for public higher education.

GOAL 4: Create a culture of adaptive change as the foundation for innovation and growth.

Note to reader: The Foundation has established objectives under the University’s goals to align our strategic plan with the University’s strategic plan. The Foundation’s objectives have been placed intentionallyunder University Goal 4 for simplicity because adaptive change is a core motivator of philanthropic actions, and private resources drive progress, attainment and achievement (e.g. especially those of Goals 1, 2, and 3). See below.

Foundation Objective One under Goal 4: Engage alumni and friends to add value to the Hornet experience.

Performance Indicators:

  1. Over the next five years, the Foundation will partner with the Alumni Association to sustain and elevate the alumni participation rate, with a stretch goal of achieving 12 percent by 2015.
  2. The Foundation will partner with the Alumni Association to grow the number of annual donors by 5% each year.

Key Strategies:

  1. Enhance communication between the University and its alumni to foster increased engagement.
  2. Promote University events as opportunities to engage alumni and friends and build relationships.
  3. Partner with the Alumni Association to provide and promote annual giving opportunities and programs. 
  4. Support the Alumni Association in its partnership with Career Services to establish internships between the University and alumni/friends/employers.
  5. Support the Alumni Association in its partnership with Undergraduate Admissions to personalize messages and develop legacy program for future Hornets.

Foundation Objective Two under Goal 4: Inspire philanthropy.

Performance Indicators:

  1. On an ongoing basis, partner with the University to review and revise campaign initiatives to guide fund-raising activities.
  2. On an annual basis, strive to reach a stretch goal of $3 million in non-deferred gifts for scholarships, of which $750,000 should be expendable cash gifts which will be used in support of the University’s recruitment and retention scholarship program. 
  3. In conjunction with Founders Day 2017, celebrate the successful completion of the Now & Forever comprehensive fund-raising campaign.
  4. By 2025, become a $150 million dollar institutionally-related foundation with $100 million in endowments.

Key Strategies:

  1. Implement adaptive ‘next practices’ in annual giving, especially using technological solutions.
  2. Implement adaptive ‘next practices’ to secure major gifts.
  3. Fully realize the potential of deferred gifts, especially from retired teachers and librarians.
  4. Continuously inspire deans to elevate the vision and reach of their academic programs.
  5. Also engage international alumni, current students and retired faculty in the philanthropic process.

Foundation Objective Three under Goal 4: Strive for operational excellence.

Performance Indicator and Key Strategy:

  1. On an ongoing basis, benchmark five key performance indicators (revenue, expenses, new donors/gifts, donor retention and alumni participation rate) against ESU-designated peers and aspirational peers, and ‘best-in-class’ universities.

Foundation Objective Four (an independent organizational objective): Govern passionately and intelligently.

Performance Indicator and Key Strategy:

  1. On an annual basis, implement educational programs for trustees as requested on the annual trustee survey.
  2. During fiscal year 2016, finalize a flexible, multi-year trustee development plan to include a succession plan for Foundation Board leadership, facilitated by the Trustee Development Committee.
  3. During fiscal year 2016, review the Bylaws and suggest revisions, facilitated by a task force of the Executive Committee.
  4. During fiscal year 2016, design and implement an executive management succession plan, led by the Executive Committee in collaboration with executive management.