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Graduate Admission Applications

Thank you for applying for admission to graduate study at Emporia State University!  We look forward to having you as a member of our academic family.  If you should have any questions while submitting your application, please do not hesitate to contact the Graduate Admissions Coordinator,

Brandi Turner via e-mail at or telephone at 620-341-5403/800-950-GRAD.

Please read the following instructions before completing the graduate application.



If you are having difficulty with application, watch the video below or contact Brandi Turner at 620-341-5403.


    LOG INTO APPLICATION PORTAL - Students who need to complete graduate application or submit supplemental items.

    LOG INTO APPLICATION PORTAL - Special enrollment for student receiving graduate credit for workshops, and non-degree seeking students.                                                           

Application Video Help

If you are having difficulty understanding the way to complete the application, you can watch the video below. 

General Graduate Admission Requirements

Undergraduate Degree/Verification

A bachelors from a regionally accredited institution.  Verification of undergraduate degree completion (Unofficial Transcript) must be sent to the Graduate School before application can be processed.  The document can be upload through the Graduate Application Portal, faxed to 620-341-5909, emailed to or mailed to: Emporia State University, Campus Box 4003, 1 Kellogg Circle, Emporia, KS 66801.


A grade point average of a minimum of 2.5 in the last 60 semesters hours of study or an overall grade point average of a minimum of 3.0 for a completed master's degree. Please note: academic departments may require a higher GPA.   

Probationary admission to the Graduate School is permitted if the student has a grade point average between 2.2 and 2.49 on the last 60 hours of study.  The student must achieve a 3.00 grade point average in his or her first nine semester hours of graduate study.  If the student does not meet this condition, she or he will not be permitted to continue in graduate study.

Official Transcripts

Students must submit official Bachelor’s degree transcripts containing at least 60 credit hours of course work and final grades. Any additional transcripts from college credit accumulated after the bachelor’s degree, MUST be submitted if you will be using these credits for transfer credit or for last 60 GPA. Students seeking a masters degree, graduate certificate or a PhD are required to submit official transcripts to the Graduate Office.  Transcripts are considered official when they arrive in the Graduate Office in a sealed envelope from the issuing institution or are received through a secure electronic transcript service.  If you have completed course work at Emporia State University, you do not need to request an official transcript from ESU (we cannot process a refund if you do request a transcript from the Records Office). Please have your official transcripts mailed to:  Emporia State University, Campus Box 4003, 1 Kellogg Circle, Emporia KS  66801.  If you are using an overnight service (FedEx, UPS, etc.), please address your transcript to Emporia State University, Graduate School, 313 Plumb Hall, 1 Kellogg Circle, Emporia, KS, 66801.  Secure electronic transcripts are accepted if sent to directly from the issuing institution

Graduate Reference Forms

Most Graduate Programs require references as part of the application process.  You will be able to email your chosen references a link to the reference form when you complete the application.  The reference email can be access directly through the Supplementary items in the Graduate Application Portal.

ID Verification

All graduate students in a distance program (either off-campus or online) must complete an ID Verification.  This form can be accessed directly through the Graduate Application Portal.

Departmental Requirements

The Academic Department to which you are applying may have additional admission requirements. Specific information about these requirements or exams may be obtained from the department in which one wishes to study or from the Graduate School.  

Questions on Applications

If you have questions related to the application or the application process, you can contact the Graduate School.


Brandi Turner

E-mail -

Phone - 620-341-5403

Application Fee:

  1. 1st Time Degree/Certificate Seeking Application Fee - $50.00
  2. Returning New Degree/Dual Degree (If you already have a graduate degree or have applied for a graduate degree and are returning to a new graduate degree) - $20.00
  3. 1st Time Licenure/Non-Degree Seeking Graduate - $25.00
  4. Re-Admit Degree/Certification - Inactive degree and certification students who have not taken courses for more than three years (inactive) and are returning to the same degree - $25.00.
  5. Returning Licensure/Non-Degree (If you have not taken courses for more than 3 years and have become inactive) - $25.00
  6. Changing from Licensure/Non-Degree to Degree/Certificate Seeking - $40.00
  7. 1st Time PhD - $60.00
  8. Returning PHD (If you have not taken courses for more than 3 years and have become inactive)- $25.00
  9. ESU accepts McNair Application Fee Waiver.  Please call 620-341-6404 and ask about procedures to follow if you would like to submit a McNair Application Fee Waiver.

Emporia State University considers all applications for admission without regard to age, race, color, religion, gender, national origin or ancestry, sexual orientation, disability, Vietnam Veterans status, or other factors which lawfully cannot be considered.  Inquiries concerning the application of Title IX may be referred to Ray Lauber, Director of Human Resources in Plumb Hall 211.  Phone 620-341-5077 or email

If you need accommodations due to disability in order to participate in the admissions process, please contact The Department of Student Wellness-Disability Services at 250 SE Morse Hall, 620-341-5222, 620-341-6646TTY, or 

Reference and Supplementary Items Tutorial

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