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Dissertation Guidelines (pdf format)

Graduate Policy Handbook  (pdf format)

The Graduate Policy Handbook contains policies in effect for all graduate students at ESU.  Inquiries concerning the Graduate Policy Handbook should be directed to the Graduate School.  This online version is the official policy manual and is updated as changes occur.  Directions for using this policy manual are included below.

Click on the link above to access the Graduate Policy Handbook.

Table of Contents

You can click on any item in the Table of Contents and go directly to that section.

 Printing pages:

You have the ability to print a single page, a select range of pages, or the entire document. When viewing the PDF document:

  1. Click on File (upper left of the browser window).
  2. Select Print from the menu. (a pop-up window will appear)
  3. In the Print Range box, you can select how you would like to print your page(

Graduate Degree Requirements

Thesis Guidelines (pdf format)


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