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One Stop Registration


Students consult with their advisor to develop a program of classes.  Advisors can either enroll the students themselves or give the student their PIN number to enroll themselves.  Once enrolled, the student must pay the applicable tuition and fees by the appropriate deadline. 

Primary Tools

  • Web registration - This link will take you directly to Buzzin.  Once you get to buzzin, follow the directions below to register for classes
    • Login
    • Select StudentLife/Academic Tab
    • Select Add/Drop Class
    • Enter Pin Number
    • Select Classes
  • Enrollment Dates:
    • Enrollment for Summer and Fall 2019 - Began on March,4, 2019
    • Enrollment for Spring 2020- Begins approximately Oct.14, 2019 
  • Course Schedule
  • Course Catalog - Access ESU University Course Catalog
  • Instructions -- Accessing Graduate Admissions Checklist through BuzzIn

Registration Changes

Printable Publications

Financial Aid

Tuition and Fees

Canvas (Log in for access to online classes)

Bookstore - Look up required texts and order textbooks online


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