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Vision Statement:

The Honors College at Emporia State University aspires to be recognized as a significant catalyst for the improvement of communities in Kansas and beyond.

Mission Statement:

The Honors College at Emporia State University will prepare students to be agents of change for the common good in their respective communities.

Honors College Affiliations:

The Honors College at Emporia State University complies with the characteristics for an Honors College stipulated by the National Collegiate Honors Council. The Honors College is an active member of both the National Collegiate Honors Council and the Great Plains Honors Council.

Honors College Components:

Civic Leadership Training

Faculty at ESU and at the Kansas Leadership Center will provide training to students that will enable them to join with others in addressing the challenges of the day.

Community Engagement

Students will engage with a variety of Kansas communities to address adaptive issues and engage in civic leadership and service learning. Students may eventually engage communities beyond Kansas to provide knowledge and perspective useful for enriching both Kansas communities and their personal lives.

Learning Cohorts

Students will have the opportunity to live and learn with their fellow students in cohort-based learning communities. Research shows this practice enhances student academic performance, improves retention, and creates strong nurturing relationships that can last a life-time.

Enhanced Curriculum

Traditional honors courses and honors contract courses will be offered. These courses will provide a rich and broad educational experience to students that will assist them in achieving their academic potentials.


Students will experience peer, faculty, and community mentoring as they complete undergraduate research, scholarship, creative, and leadership activities.

Living and Learning Spaces

A modern, technologically enhanced space will be provided to students that will facilitate academic achievement and social cohesion. Students will also have the opportunity to live in an Honors College residential facility.


Students will be provided annual, renewable scholarships contingent on satisfactory progress in meeting Honors College requirements.