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Honors College Progression Policies

Scholarship Eligibility:

To remain scholarship eligible, Honors College students must be making consistent and satisfactory progress in completing Honors College requirements.

Satisfactory progress shall be defined as being active in the Honors College as described below and completing at least one of the following each semester:  1) an honors course or contract course, or, 2) the Honors Adaptive Leadership Challenge, or, 3) at least one Honors Elective Activity, and 4) maintaining the appropriate grade point average (see chart below)

Activity in the Honors College will Include:

  • Attendance at 75% of Honors College meetings
  • Attendance at the Bonner and Bonner Lecture Series
  • Attendance at two diversity experiences per academic year
  • Attendance at other Honors sponsored-activities

Note: Students can be excused for class, student teaching, internship, study abroad, or work conflicts, but they need to contact the Honors College beforehand.

Total hours completed

         Minimum GPA        







Students should enroll in CW 111 Honors Program Seminar as soon as possible after acceptance into the Honors College.  The CW 311 Honors Junior Seminar course is usually taken during the junior year.  Both of these courses must be completed prior to graduation "with honors".

Students will meet with the Dean of the Honors College at least annually for an honors advising session.

Transfer students and current ESU students who join the Honors College later in their student careers, should meet with the Dean to devise a graduation plan that accommodates their situation.  

In unusual and extraordinary circumstances, students can petition the Dean of the Honors College for exceptions or substitutions for the requirements.