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Hornet Nation

Thank you for being a part of Hornet Nation!  Being a part of Hornet Nation means you are a member of the Emporia State University family. Emporia State is focused on changing lives for the common good, and every member of Hornet Nation has an opportunity to contribute to Emporia State’s mission and future success.  From alumni, fans, friends and community members to students, parents, faculty, and staff, we all lead by example, and our actions demonstrate what it truly means to be a Hornet.

Hornet Nation calls every Hornet to make an impact on Emporia State every year.  Every Hornet, Every Year is more than just a tagline — it’s a call to action — a call to each and every Hornet to make a commitment to Emporia State University each and every year.

Recruiting the next generation of Hornets, hiring fellow Hornets, advocating for Emporia State University, and giving are actions that lead to positive impact.  We are calling on you, Hornet Nation, to be the Hornet leaders of today by contributing to the current and future successes of the next generation of Hornet leaders.

This is the Hornet Nation way.

Every Hornet. Every Year.


Giving to Emporia State University provides sustainable resources for scholarships, academics, and athletics.  There truly is no better investment than supporting the hopes and dreams of a student, and your gift has the ability to make a life-changing difference.

There are many ways to make a gift to Emporia State University:

  • - Give Now at
  • Annual Giving – making a gift each and every year provides educational opportunities within the University that inspire and develop our many talented students.  Your annual gift to Emporia State provides sustainable resources for scholarships, academics, and athletics.  You can make a gift online at or to learn more contact Emmy Edie, director of annual giving, at
    If you are interested in learning about how to establish a fund, make a planned gift, or need more information about other giving opportunities, please contact the Emporia State Foundation at
  • - All philanthropic gifts to Emporia State University are made through the Emporia State University Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.. The Foundation invests, manges, and stewards funds in the best interest of donors and the University.


New students are the lifeblood of Emporia State University.  Your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, friends and neighbors represent what could be the next generation of Hornet Nation.  We are here to help you encourage students to attend Emporia State University.

  • Request a recruiting packet.  We would be happy to send you information and supplies to help you in your efforts to reach out to potential students.  Packets contain an Emporia State viewbook, information about special recruitment days and campus visits, admissions counselor business card, postcards, pennant, bumper sticker, and license plate.  
  • Refer a Hornet!  Know a student who would be perfect for Emporia State?  Let us know by referring a Hornet!
  • Sign up for Corky’s Crew! Did you or a Hornet you know have a new baby recently?  Then sign up for Corky’s Crew!  This program features special gifts for our newest members of Hornet Nation. 
  • Schedule a Campus Visit for a future HornetNothing convinces a student to attend Emporia State quite like a campus visit. 



College connections and a person’s alma mater create an environment that can be leveraged to advance one’s career.  Helping current students prepare for their future careers, networking with other members of Hornet Nation to enhance your own career, and assisting others as they grow professionally are meaningful ways to build Hornet Nation.  

    Share your expertise and mentor a student from the School of Business.  The goal of the program is to give students the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals while preparing for life after college.  Students are seeking someone who will provide them with honest feedback, guide them in developing the skills to be successful in the workplace, and paint a realistic picture of professional life. Learn more at
    Emporia State hosts two teacher career fairs each year, one in the fall and one in the spring, as well as another fair in the fall for careers other than teaching.  If these fairs fit well with your recruitment strategy, then we encourage you to participate.  Many of the employers who participate in these opportunities obtain outstanding leads for new hires.  Also, employers can schedule an on-campus interview day and conduct face to face interviews with potential candidates.  For a full list of events or to schedule your on-campus recruiting dates, go to
    Students who complete internships are better prepared for their careers and more competitive in the job market.  Whether paid or unpaid, internships provide students hands-on experience in a professional field while employers are able to tap into current classroom training and observe that intern in a work environment.  Internships are a great way to screen, recruit, and hire top talent from Emporia State.  For more information in establishing internships for Emporia State students, go to
    Information Sessions – if marketing your business to targeted students is a better fit for you, then consider making a presentation to campus clubs, organizations, or classes.  Students love to learn from professionals who work in the fields they are pursuing, and these sessions provide you with an opportunity to share your experience while talking about your business.  For more information, contact Career Services at
    A wonderful way to “give back” to the University is by volunteering to conduct mock interviews and review Emporia State.  These are opportunities to mentor a student by providing valuable feedback.  Plus, you could potentially screen a candidate for a future position.  For more information, contact Career Services at
    • If you hire new graduates, then we encourage you to utilize Handshake to advertise your internship or full-time opportunities to our students and alumni.  There is no cost to post jobs and this system allows you to query Emporia State student resumes, search for particular majors and skills, and register for all on-campus recruiting events.  To create and manage your employer profile, go to
    • If you are targeting a mix of new and seasoned professionals, then consider adding your job to our LinkedIn Group.  The Emporia State University Alumni group on LinkedIn currently has over 1,600 members to announce your opening to.   



A strong public system of higher education is important to the future of our state and is central to ensuring the freedom our nation is founded upon.  Public school systems provide access to opportunities for every citizen to improve his or her life.  As advocates for Emporia State University and higher education, you ensure that Emporia State’s vision is advanced – you ensure that we have the opportunity to change lives for the common good.

    Sign up to receive newsletters and information to help you advocate for Emporia State University and higher education. For more information about serving as a Hornet for Higher Education, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (620) 341-5440 or
    Legislators and other elected officials listen to constituents.  The more they know about your interests and passions, the better they will represent you.  Share your story about how Emporia State has improved your life and encourage them to provide the same opportunities to future generations.
  • - Sign up to receive your legislators’ email newsletters.
  • - Follow your legislators on Facebook social media.
  • Attend local legislative coffees, “Eggs & Issues” sessions, and other events typically hosted by groups such as the Chamber of Commerce or League of Women Voters.  Introduce yourself as a Hornet and higher ed advocate.  Communicate the importance of higher education and Emporia State University.