IT Projects & Initiatives

The Information Technology departments strives to find greater integration and coordination for technology at Emporia State, including long-term cost savings and increased alignment with university goals and objectives. Below are a list of key, on-going projects, to attain those goals.

Spring/Summer 2017

New Projects & Initiatives

  • Switching student accounts to Office 365
  • IT TechFair
  • 2nd floor library technology enhancements
  • TechMaker Summer camp
  • T2 Parking upgrades
  • StarRez Residential Life program implementation
  • University Ticketing System Replacements

Continuing Projects

  • IT renovation
  • Part two of the I3 Faculty grants
  • Fiber connectivity to Trusler
  • VoIP rollout
  • Hornet Nation Wireless Connectivity rollout

Technology Infrastructure Planning

  • New Residential Hall
  • Aquatic Research & Outreach Center
  • University House
  • School of Business Renovation