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Library Liaison Program Objectives and Goals

The library liaison is the primary contact person between the University Libraries and Archives (ULA) and an academic unit (school, department, or program). The intention of the program is to provide each academic unit with the name of at least one person that they can contact in the library for assistance with or information about library resources and services....Click for more information.

List of Liaison Librarians

List of Collection Development Policies by Department

Purchase on Demand Policy

This policy and affiliated procedure is designed to assist in the development of the collection of the Emporia State University Libraries and Archives and to provide access to research and curricular related materials. Requests for these purchases will be taken from the Interlibrary Loan process and purchased on demand to add to the library’s collection....Click for more information.

Resource Management Policy

Emporia State University (ESU) offers a range of undergraduate programs in the arts and sciences, professional programs in teacher preparation and business, and related graduate programs, at the Master's and Doctoral levels, such as the Library and Information Management; Educational Leadership; Business Administration; Health, Physical Education, and Recreation; and Instructional Design and Technology. The University Libraries and Archives (ULA) faculty recognizes its responsibility to support the university's institutional objectives and mission, strategic plan, academic programs, and research interests. As a result, the ULA faculty has developed extensive collections in a number of disciplines over time. Therefore, library holdings in particular subjects vary in depth and breadth as the scope of local programs and usefulness of historical materials make appropriate. ...(Click for more information)

Study Room Policy

The University Libraries and Archives has 6 study rooms available, located on the first floor of the William Allen White Library. These rooms are 109 B, 109 C, 109 D, 109 E, 109 F and 109 G. Study rooms may be reserved for academically oriented and related activities, under applicable missions, ESU policies, and law. To reserve a room, a patron will contact the library information desk by phone - 620-341-5205, email –, or by visiting the desk in person....(Click for more information).