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ESU Tuition Increase Lowest in Two Decades

June 15, 2017

Next year’s tuition at Emporia State University, which was approved this morning by the Kansas Board of Regents, is the smallest tuition increase at ESU in nearly 20 years.

Tuition for resident undergraduate students for the 2017-18 academic year is $2,446.25 per semester, an increase of just 2.75 percent or $67.25 from last year. In 1998-99, the resident undergraduate tuition rate at ESU increased just 2.47 percent.

For 2017-18, non-resident undergraduate rates increase 2.73 percent; resident graduate rates increase 2.74 percent, and non-resident graduate rates increase 2.77 percent. 

“We work very hard to remain affordable for our students,” said Allison D. Garrett, president of Emporia State University. “In fact, ESU students average far less debt than state or national averages.”

In fiscal year 2016, the national average student debt was $30,100, and Kansas average was $28.008. ESU students reported an average debt of $22,568.

“For our students, completing their college degree is an important part of their future plans,” Garrett added. “Of our seniors who graduated in 2015-16, 98 percent went on to start careers or graduate study in their chosen fields. We are proud to help our students attain their goals.”




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