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The Physical Sciences departments also offer courses online. Click here to view the list of online courses offered at ESU, and search for ES, GO, CH, or PS courses. For complete information about about distance courses at ESU, visit:

ESU offers one of a few online earth science MS degree options in the world.
For a description of the program, see: Earth Science Online Masters Degree Flyer

Opportunities for K-12 teachers of science:  Specialize with our Certificate in Information, Technology, and Scientific Literacy

Earn a prestigious certificate as part of your degree program or continuing education. Be a leader with teaching expertise that includes National Science Foundation recognized STEM fields and the American Association of School Librarians, a division of the American Library Association, standards for best information and technology practices. Learn techniques for collaboration as instructional partners between Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) teachers and professional librarians. Enable students in your school to have a combination of academic skills and interpersonal skills such as persistence, teamwork, communication, citizenship, and work ethic.

More details are available at:  


CH 500 Nuclear Chemistry & Radiation Safety course Fall 2018

This course is for individuals with interest in medical physics, health physics, nuclear forensics, nuclear engineering, nuclear/radiation chemistry, environmental radioactivity or any other branches of radiation science.

For more details see CH 500 Nuclear Chemistry & Radiation Safety course