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Department of Physical Sciences Faculty and Staff      

Department of Physical Sciences
Campus Box 4030
Emporia State university
1 Kellogg Circle
Emporia, KS 66801


Claudia Aguirre-Mendez

Dr. Claudia Aguirre-Mendez

Phone: 620-341-5958
Room:  SH 230B
Bindu KC

Dr. Bindu KC

Phone: 620-341-5986
Room:  SH 119B

Dr. Andrea Luthi

Phone:  620-341-5992
Room:   SH 221D
Carlos Peroza

Dr. Carlos Peroza

Phone:  620-341-5987
Room:   SH 221C
Kim Simons

Dr. Kim Simons

Phone:  620-341-5987
Room:   SH 221C
Chair - Physical Sciences Department
Eric Trump

Dr. Eric Trump

Phone:  620-341-5991
Room:   SH 225
Qiyang Zhang

Dr. Qiyang Zhang

Phone:  620-341-5988
Room:   SH 221F

Dr. Sadish Karunaweera

Phone:  620-341-5992
Room:   SH 221D
Chemistry Lecturer
David Whipple

Mr. David Whipple

Phone:  620-341-5989
Room:   SH 230A
Chemistry Laboratory Manager

Earth Science

Jim Aber

Dr. James Aber

Phone:  620-341-5981
Room:   SH 119A
Emeritus Faculty
Alivia Allison

Dr. Alivia Allison

Phone:  620-341-5984
Room:   SH 109B
Mike Morales

Dr. Mike Morales

Phone:  620-341-5978
Room:   SH 108B
Marcia Schulmeister

Dr. Marcia Schulmeister

Phone:  620-341-5983
Room:   SH 119B
Rich Sleezer

Dr. Rich Sleezer

Phone:  620-341-5984
Room:   RH 104
Associate Dean - College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Ken Thompson

Dr. Kenneth Thompson

Phone:  620-341-5985
Room:   SH 230C


Dr. Paul Zunkel

Phone:  620-341-5977
Room:   SH 109A
Dr. Susan Aber

Dr. Susan Aber


Mr. Randol Wehrbein

Phone:  620-341-5986
Room:   SH 119B
Earth Science Lecturer


Jorge Ballester

Dr. Jorge Ballester

Phone:  620-341-5971
Room:   SH 27
Bob Jones

Dr. Robert Jones

Phone:  620-341-5974
Room:   SH 20
Chris Pettit

Dr. Chris Pettit

Phone:  620-341-5929
Room:   SH 26

Mr. Scott Capes

Phone:  620-341-5957
Room:   SH 177 / SH 29
Interim Director of the Planetarium and the Science and Math Education Center (SMEC)



Mr. Roger Ferguson

Phone:  620-341-5973
Room:   SH 21
Physical Sciences Technician


Ms. Sarah Arnold

Phone:  620-341-5330
Room:   SH 133B
Administrative Specialist