Science 5-8 (Middle School) Certification

This licensure program is designed primarily for preservice and inservice teachers with preparation in an area of secondary education.  This program closely parallels a similar program for elementary education preservice and inservice teachers.  All candidates must complete 45 credit hours in courses numbered 300 or above.

Life Science

Required:  12 hours

GB 140-141      Principles of Biology & Lab        4 hrs.

BO 212-213      Biology of Plants & Lab              4 hrs.

ZO 214-215      Biology of Animals & Lab           4 hrs.

Physical Sciences

Required:  15 hours

CH 123-124      Chemistry I & Lab          5 hrs.

PH 140-141       College Physics I & Lab             5 hrs.


CH 126-127      Chemistry II & Lab        5 hrs.


PH 143-144       College Physics II & Lab            5 hrs.

Earth Science

Required:  8-10 hours

ES 110-111       Introduction to Earth Science & Lab       5 hrs.

              One of the following:

ES 319   Meteorology       3 hrs.

GO 325             Earth History      3 hrs.

GO 326             Plate Tectonics   3 hrs.

PH 110-111       Introduction to Space Science & Lab      5 hrs.

All candidates will complete the following:

PS 516   Teaching Physical Sciences in Middle/High Schools         3 hrs.


GB 584              Teaching Biology in Middle and Secondary Schools        3 hrs.

All preservice candidates will demonstrate instructional technology competence and arrange to do part of their student teaching at the middle school level