Pre-Engineering Programs

Two options are available to those wishing to become engineers: the two-year pre-engineering program, and the three-year dual-degree, which leads to the Bachelor of Science with a major in either chemistry, earth science or physics as well as a second B.S. in engineering.
Also see our Undergraduate Physics programs and our Graduate Physics Programs

Two Year Programs
Specific programs have been developed for students planning to transfer to Kansas State University, the University of Kansas or Wichita State University after spending two years at Emporia State. Students planning to transfer to an out-of-state engineering school should work out programs of study with their advisors. All engineering curricula assume that the first mathematics course taken will be Calculus I. Students needing to take preparatory work in algebra and trigonometry may do so and still stay on schedule for transfer. Students who wish to explore other areas, or to slow down the pace somewhat, are encouraged to do so, since a great many engineering students take four-and-a-half to five years to complete the degree.

Transfer to
Kansas State University

Transfer to the
University of Kansas

Transfer to
The Wichita State University

Memorandum of Understanding between ESU and K-State