Programs of Study in Physics

Graduate Programs in Physics or Physics Teaching are on separate pages
Pre Engineering Pre - Engineering students complete the first two years of study toward an engineering degree at ESU then transfer to complete their education with an ABET accredited engineering program.
Dual Degree Engineering and Physics Students spend three years at ESU taking the pre - engineering courses and courses needed for a second degree in either physics, chemistry, earth science, or math. After transferring to an engineering program, credit is transferred back to ESU to earn the second degree.
Minor in Physics The minor in physics is taken by students to recognize organized
study of physics beyond the introductory class. While it is often
chosen by students majoring in a related field, it is also used to
indicate a general interest in physics.
BA in Physics The Bachelor of Arts degree provides a rounded background in physics and the humanities. This option is favored by students using physics as preparation for law school, the seminary, business, or just as a hobby.
BS in Physics The Bachelor of Science degree is a traditional degree for the technically inclined and those considering graduate school in physics, chemistry, earth science, or engineering.
BSE for Teacher Certification in Physics The Bachelor of Science in Education includes coursework through the Teacher's College and prepares students for jobs as high school teachers. There is a strong national demand for qualified teachers in the physical sciences.
MS in Physics The Master of Science degree is a graduate degree and is available with a thesis option or by doing a project. Various areas of research are available depending on student interest.
MS in Physics Teaching For teachers, the physical science emphasis is designed to provide graduate work to enhance the backgrounds of licensed chemistry, earth-space science, physics, or physical science teachers.  This degree can also be preparatory to additional graduate work at the doctoral level in science education.