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Facility Reservations

Emporia State University Departments and officially recognized student organizations may request reservations of facility space. Requests will be considered based on available space, impact to existing programs and the scope and nature of the event itself. All reservations must conform to the Facility Use Policies.

All facility reservations are subject to rental, operations or usage fees

Procedure to Reserve Space

Facility Request Form must be completed and submitted to Campus Recreation operation staff at least two weeks prior to the scheduled date of an event. Reservations for large social events or sporting tournaments or events must be made up to four weeks in advance. Be advised that submitting a request does not guarantee a reservation.

Requesting parties will receive email notification that a request has been received. Requests will be processed (confirmed or denied) within 3-5 business days of receipt. This does not guarantee that space has been allocated. The requesting party will receive an approved copy of their space request via email which will confirm space location.

Please click here to reserve a facility.

General Guidelines



A fee will be assessed to any individual or group for use of Emporia State University facilities.  In the event a member of the University community requests use of facilities “for a University sponsored event” whose participants who are “currently enrolled students, faculty, or staff”, the Recreation Services Director may waive the fee upon request.  A fee schedule is available at the Student Recreation Center.