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RESEARCH AND CREATIVITY DAY 2018 - Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Welcome to a new academic year!  Be sure to check this site often - it will provide information on important deadlines and events for the academic year. 


October 2 - Fall deadline for applications for Faculty Research Assistance

October 20 - deadline for Graduate Student Research Grants

Faculty, staff, and students involved in research activities at Emporia State University should be aware of the different compliance regulations that govern research activities and grant administration. 

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The Research and Grants Center has forms you need for research projects and grant administration. 

  1. Application Form for Approval to Use Human Participants
  2. Application Form for Approval to Use Vertebrate Animals
  3. Disclosure Form Regarding Conflicts of Financial Interest
  4. Simple Time and Effort Report Form
  5. Activity Distribution Report Form
  6. Export Control Determination Form
  7. Export Control Certification
  8. Request for Time Extension, Annual Update or Modification to Research Protocol
  9. Invention Disclosure Form

For additional Forms click on the Resources menu at the top.

The Research and Grants Center provides support and policy information related to Research Protections.  The following policies can be found by clicking the links below.

Human Participant Research (IRB)

CITI HSR training course instructions

Use of Vertebrate Animals

CITI ACU training course instructions



QUEST magazine highlights research and scholarly activity at Emporia State University.  This issue highlights faculty and the high-impact learning technologies being used in their classrooms.  Enjoy!

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2012 Quest
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