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Studio K Photography

2011 Emerging Business of the Year

Between having a passion for business itself and being a talented photographer, Kelli Higgins decided to start Studio K Photography as a home-based business and build it while she continued to work her “day job.” Kelli wanted to be her own boss, be the one to make decisions and most of all, the one to benefit from her blood, sweat, and tears. She worked the business part-time beginning in 2007 and went full-time in late 2010 when she had successfully built the business to the point of financial stability. Kelli possesses a trait unlike many entrepreneurs; she gets as excited about the business side of the business as she does about the craft of photography.


After attending a KSBDC Start Up workshop and meeting presenter and consultant Tom Byler, Kelli became a client right away. She got help with things that had overwhelmed her such as writing her business plan, forecasting cash flow, and learning about break-even analysis for her young business. 


The success of Studio K has come with challenges and learning along the way.  Kelli has gained valuable knowledge pertaining to her overall market, targeting market segments appropriately, and pricing her services accordingly. She has successfully identified market niches where Studio K can, and does, excel. Today, Studio K islocated in its own space in downtown Burlington. In Kelly’s ords:  “The feeling of success is the best feeling a girl can ask for.  I know that what I put into my business, I will get back.”  Even though she has accomplished more than she thought she could in the short life of the business, there are definitely plans for the growth of Studio K Photography in the future!