President's Committees 2017-2018

Alcohol Advisory Committee
Athletic Compliance Committee
Diversity Education Committee
Identity Theft

Committee/Council First Name Last Name Email

Alcohol Advisory Committee

Chair Scott Waters
ASG President Megan McReynolds
Panhellienic President Moira Pyle
IFC President Luke Palmer
UAC President Megan Budnik
General Manager, Dining Services Fred Karcher
ESU Foundation Jennifer Denton
Captain, Campus Police Chris Hoover
Associate Dean, Teacher's College Joan Brewer
Faculty Gregory Schneider
Chair Cathy Grover
Faculty Representative (Bio/Psych) Melissa Bailey
Faculty Representative (Bio/Pysch) John Richard Schrock
Faculty Representative (Bio/Pysch) William Jensen
Outside Faculty Member Andrew Miller
Veterinary Dr. Richard Mendoza
Physical Plant Representative Jonathon Vopata
Community Member Stan Perry
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Athletic Compliance Committee

Chair (Chief Compliance Officer) Kristy Bayer
Athletics Director Kent Weiser
Vice President of Fiscal Affairs Diana Kuhlman
Accountant Tess Shepherd
Sports Information DIrector Don Weast
Financial Aid Yuliana Reyes
Assoc. Dir. of Financial Aid Jaime Morris
Director of Student Advising Center Shelly Gehrke
Admissions Kate Kreiman
Associate Registrar Sheila Markowitz
Controller Mary Mingenback
Director of Alumni Relations Jose Feliciano
Dean, Student Life Lynn Hobson
Faculty Athletic Representative Scott Water
Compliance Coordinator Ping Wang
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Diversity Education Committee

Chair Christopher Stone
Teacher's College Sonja Ezell
Teacher's College Damara Paris
LA&S Heidi Hamilton
LA&S Jorge Ballester
Library and Archives Art Gutierrez
Faculty Representative, School of Business Christopher Stone
Faculty Representative, School of Business Joyce Zhou
Academic Affairs Gary Wyatt
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Jason Brooks
Chair Damara Paris
Faculty Representative Sheryl Lidzy
Faculty Representative Mirah Dow
Faculty Representative Carol Russell
Faculty Representative Gaelynn Wolf Bordonaro
Faculty Representative John Wade
Americans w/ Disability Act Compliance Officer Jim Costello
Legal Issues Officer Marian Riedy
University Facilities Designee Dennis Mohling
Human Resources Designee
IT Designee Rob Gibson
Student Affairs Designee Mike Wise
Student Representative Cassie Stair
Graduate Student Representative LaRhon Walker
General Counsel Kevin Johnson
Student Accessibility and Support Services Stephanie Adams
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Identity Theft

Chair Mary  Mingenback
Financial Aid Elaine Henrie
International Education Mark Daly
Information Security Officer Ryan  Kurtenbach
Graduate Education
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