Our Mission

The mission of Emporia State University is to provide a dynamic and progressive student-centered learning community that fosters student success through engagement in academic excellence, community and global involvement, and the pursuit of personal and professional fulfillment.

We are dedicated to developing skilled practitioners and academic leaders who are prepared to meet the challenges facing educators in the 21st century. Our various graduate programs reflect historical and contemporary knowledge, research, theory, experience, and practices that meet the academic, personal, and social needs of our clientele. Our professional programs are carefully designed to reflect the current knowledge base, including existing and envisioned practices in constituent institutions, and clearly delineated models. Our graduates are prepared with essential knowledge and applications in their fields of specialty. Our programs focus on effective practice and leadership skills, with faculty who are effective former practitioners who integrate valuable experience with theory in their lessons.

The Department of School Leadership/Middle and Secondary Teacher Education boasts a rich tradition of graduating many effective Kansas teachers and administrators. Well over 25% of current administrators in Kansas have at least one degree from The Teachers College at Emporia State University. Recently the department completed a review of its existing curriculum and strengthened course content in order to better prepare school leaders for the 21st century.

The department continues a collaborative relationship with professional organizations through active faculty participation and sponsorship, annual summer workshops of the Kansas Association of School Administrators (KASA), the Kansas Association of Elementary School Principals (KAESP), and the Kansas Association of Secondary School Principals (KASSP).