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Dr. Tom Eddy,

Dr. Tom Eddy

Emporia State University botanist and well-known naturalist,will answer your questions. Do you want to know the name of a wildflower, weed, grass, tree, or shrub?  Send a photo or bring a sample to the ESU Herbarium and Dr. Eddy will help you with identification and information. Contact Dr. Tom Eddy, Department of Biological Sciences:  teddy@emporia.edu or the herbarium:   herbarium@emporia.edu . In addition, if you want to know what fern, moss, alga, insect, amphibian, reptile, bird, or mammal you have found, our panel of experts can help.

Dr. Tom Eddy

Lynette Sievert

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Roger Ferguson
Bill Jensen
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Greg Sievert
Lynnette Sievert
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Dr. Lynnette Sievert

Ratibida logo adapted from Helen Sharp watercolor, from the Rare Book Collection of the Lenhardt Library of the Chicago Botanic Garden.

All Photos by Greg Sievert