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Outreach Activities include the annual Health Fair, Collegiate Smokeout, AIDS Awareness Week, Sexual Responsibility Week, Healthy Heart Awareness,  and Safe Spring Break Week.  In addition, many informal presentations concerning sexual health issues are given in the Residence Halls, classrooms and student organizations.  To schedule  presentations, or to help with an activity please call Mary McDaniel at 

Men's Health Presentations

Testicular cancer kills more than 400 young men each year--find out how to prevent it and test for it...Trying to quit chewing tobacco?  Talk to us!  Men also need to learn more about contraception--we have the answers! 


Contact Mary McDaniel at the Health Center (620-341-5222) if you would like to schedule a presentation for your group on important men's issues! 


Sexual responsibility is important!  And it is up to YOU!
Take responsibility for your actions!  Contact Mary McDaniel in the Student Health Center for a presentation or to get brochures for your group.  (620-341-5222) 


Meningitis Immunizations
College students, especially those who live in close contact with others, (i.e., residence halls, Greek houses, etc.) are at a higher risk for contracting bacterial meningitis.  While your personal risk of ontracting bacterial meningitis may be relatively low, many cases are fatal, and those who survive often have permanent disabilities.

ESU Student Health offers the meningitis vaccine for $100.  One injection should last many years, probably a lifetime.  Contact Mary McDaniel in the Student Health Center for details (620-341-5222).

Adult Immunizations
Are you up-to-date on your immunizations?   Contact the Health Center to check (620-341-5222). 


Flu vaccine 
The Student Health Center offers a flu vaccine clinic each fall with $10 flu shots for students. Watch "Buzz-IN" for time/place announcements.

Diabetes Awareness 
Have you ever had your blood sugar tested?  Each time we screen a group of students' blood sugar, we find some folks who were diabetic and didn't know it!  Don't be surprised!  Have your blood sugar checked and start living a healthier lifestyle now!  Call 620-341-5222 for an appointment.